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Amenazel Organic
This particular line of products has the unique capacity to greatly help the body to heal and prevent several illnesses. We have been a member of the Ghana Traditional Medicine Association for over 20 years. All of our products are made from organic ingredients grown in Northern Ghana West Africa. Our products have been distributed in the West African region for many years and have proven to help heal many illnesses.
Cleanse Colon
Eliminate toxins in the colon and body to prevent and relieve constipation and poor bowel movement.
Promotes Vitality
Boost immune system and increase energy level for proper body function..
Improve Circulation
Balance blood-flow and circulatory system for normal and healthy skin complexion.

Amenazel Organic
Soursop Bitters
Preventative Measure Against Disease
Amenazel Soursop Bitters is a unique preventative measure that reduces, heals and helps to prevent diseases, tumors & cancers.
This special combination is made from the finest quality of organic roots, herbs, seeds and leaves to strengthen, invigorate, tone and rebuild the entire body system.
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Amenazel Organic
Moringa Bitters
All natural remedy for colon cleansing
This unique formula is made with 21 different herbs and roots. Research has shown that soursop treat a variety of tumor types and work as a great preventative measure in the development of cancer cells in the first place.This combination cleanses the colon to prevent various diseases.It also helps to balance the inflammation level in the body to keep it healthy and strong.Because of its unique combination it reduces, heal and prevent many diseases in the body such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Impotences, Immune System Disorders, Asthma, High Cholesterol, Digestion and many more.It balances the immune system for a healthy living.

Amenazel Organic
Power Bitters
Balance and Revitalize your body Naturally
The Moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals and ammino acids.It contains significant amounts of vitamins A,C and E, 0.75x the vitamin C as in oranges, 10x more vitamin A than in carrots, 17x more calcium than in milk, 25x more iron than in spinach, 4x more protein than in eggs, 15x more potassium than in bananas. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective properties. It has been used for generations in traditional medicine where it grows naturally like India and West Africa to treat and prevent many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, anemia, arthritis, liver disease and respiratory symptoms, skin and digestive disorders. Its amazing benefit is that it supplies natural energy.

Amenazel Organic
Herbal Tonic
Balance and Revitalize your body Naturally
This revitalizing elixir is a No 1 herbal energy tonic that was designed to strengthen the immune system and boost your energy level. Some of its powerful benefits are it improves Appetite, support healthy prostate gland, balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycle, vaginal itching, urinary discomfort and testosterone level, it energize sexual weakness in both men and women, improve circulation and promote good heart health. It provides a sound sleep and prevent other minor illnesses.

Amenazel Organic
Dandelion Detox
Flash-Out the Toxins in your body Naturally
Amenazel Dandelion Detox is the best natures way of healing in the market. This detox is formulated with all natural and finest herbs loaded with vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus to help with kidney cleansing and excess water expelled. The Detox equally prevent cancer cells from spreading and regulates blood sugar levels(DIABETES),high blood pressure is lowered ,cholesterol, inflammation is reduced. Amenazel Dandelion Detox is specially positioned to boost the immune system, weight loss, skin protection, and hair growth improvement. Your energy level is remarkably improved, infections (MRSA) is treated, fertility level and sperm count improvement.

Amenazel Organic
Black Seed Bitters
Boost your immune system for ultimate health
Amenazel Black Seed Bitters is the best natures way of healing in the market. Our black seed bitters all natural and finest herbs will be your best source of calcium,iron,zinc,copper,thiamin,niacin,phosphorus and folic acid.The bitters is specially formulated with organic black seed,hibiscus,Irish moss,blue vervain,chamomile,ginger,cayenne pepper,mahogany,blood and blood root.The composition in amenazel black seed bitters is filled with antioxidant,anti-inflammatory, and cell damaging protection agents to regulates asthma, and allergies,diagestive problems. The bitters also fights cancer, support immune health,promotes skin and hair growth, liver health is not left out.🌱

Amenazel Organic
Men Stamina
Ignite the energy in your body for joyous sex experience
Amenazel Men Stamina is formulated with premium herbs,hand-picked and selected by renowned herbalist to give your blood-flow a boost for quick erection that last longer than usual.Amenazel Men Stamina naturally ignites energy in the body.This remedy was mainly formulated for erectile and sexual drive.revive your sexual weakness and enjoy long lasting erection.🌱

Amenazel Organic
Slim Fit Tea
Get Rid of The Stubborn Belly & Waist Fat.
Amenazel Slim Fit Tea has being designed to take care of all that residue in the body.The carefully selected herbs do just that to give you the body type you always dream of.Hormones are known to play a key role in our body's functions including weight loss.Therefore,Amenazel Slim Fit balances your hormones to effectvely assist in your remarkable weight loss.losing weight can be overwhelming process, and this is the key role Amenazel Slim Fit is here to play.Excess belly fat and waist fat asre easily broken by the remedy and this solution is very potent for fat burning and general colon cleansing.🌱

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